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Dean, Boys Principal

Throughout his ten-year career in education administration, Rabbi Matusof has blended a spirit of warm collegiality with a firm emphasis on high educational achievement. At Cheder Chabad, he continues to cultivate an exciting and Chassidishe environment for students, teachers, and parents. A lifelong learner himself, Rabbi Matusof’s formal training includes studies at the Menachem Education Foundation, JNTP (Jewish New Teacher Project), Torah U’mesorah, JETS Israel, Harvard University, and Baltimore County Community College.

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As a veteran Mechanech, Rabbi Reinetz is known for his skill in identifying the inner strengths of the students and helping them blossom and shine.


His approach of infusing a Chassidish and warm atmosphere into regular classroom activities has positively affected his students over the past 20 years. 

Rabbi Reinetz completed several Kriah and teacher training courses from Torah Umesorah. He received his Smicha at United Lubavitcher Yeshiva and 770.

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Over the years Rabbi Itkin has successfully taught and directed numerous programs including the most recent one, Machaneh Tzeirei Chassidim overnight camp in Georgia.


Rabbi Itkin has a positive disposition and is creatively gifted. His lessons and programs are consistently filled with new and intriguing methods, illustrating the subject at hand in an exciting and relatable way.

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Rabbi Chayempour graduated from Tomchei Temimim Brunoy and received his Smicha at United Lubavitch Yeshiva and 770. He was a member of the Chevra Kadisha and has directed special needs and youth programming.

Rabbi Chayempour has taught for several years and is known for his energetic, creative and visual lessons. He is dedicated to each student and ensures they are cared for and shine with their unique talents

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Rebbi & Sports Coach

Born in Netanya and raised in Pittsburgh, Yoni Katz has always had a love for teaching. Ever since being President of Rabbi Itkin’s Chassidus Club in high school in Pittsburgh, Yoni has had a passion for teaching and spreading Chassidus.

Several years ago he was appointed by Lubavitch Youth Organization in Crown Heights to be the official representative to welcome guests, schools, and tourists from all across the globe into 770 and Crown Heights. 
As tours moved online, Yoni has created an award winning Airbnb Experience.


Yoni excels at coaching kids physical education and has had many years of experience overseeing youth athletics, especially as YSP Sports Director in Morristown. He focuses primarily on improving children’s team building skills.

With Yoni it’s always exciting, inspiring, and fun.

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Girls Principal

Mrs. Matusof has more then a decade of experience in Chinuch. As a beloved teacher, Mechaneches and principal she uses her strong leadership qualities to build warm relationships with teachers, students, and families. Mrs Matusof has developed several curricula for Elementary, middle and high school. She has continued her studies with administrative courses from JNTP (Jewish New Teacher Project), JETS Israel, Harvard University and Baltimore County Community College.

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For more than ten years Mrs. Krinsky has taught and directed in schools across the country including Arizona, New York, Florida and The Online School.


Sara earned a Masters in EC, Elementary and S.E.

Chinuch is her passion and it is her greatest pride to give her students a love for Hashem and learning Torah.

Mrs. Krinsky moved to Palm Beach Gardens with her family in the summer of 2014 where she currently serves as the Director of Education at the Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens. 

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Tzivos Hashem Base Commander


Morah Miriam Klein's reputation precedes her. Her creativity, devotion, and Chayus are known internationally because of her work with Chidon Mitzvos of Tzivos Hashem.


Mrs. Klein was raised in Paris and later studied at the Beis Chaya Mushkah teaching seminary in Montreal. Morah Klein is renowned for her innovation and the meaningful lessons she imparts to her students in her 15 years of teaching. 

In her double capacity as teacher and Tzivos Hashem Base Commander at Cheder, Morah Klein ensures that each student is happy, connected, and thriving in all areas related to the educational experience.

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Morah Shaina Stolik was raised next door to the Chabad school she attended and that proximity to education has stayed with her.

Shaina is a credentialed educator with experience ranging from teaching High School Tanya and Chumash to founding and directing an Early Childhood program. Morah Stolik's strengths are getting students to think for themselves by asking leading questions and helping her students develop their sense of self with positive reinforcement and unconditional love. Shaina loves art, the natural world, Jewish history, and enjoys sharing stories of 770 with her students.

Students in Morah Stolik's class can expect a relaxed, happy, and enriching environment in which their voices are heard.

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Early Childhood Morah

Mrs. Rivky Katz was born in Miami and raised in Crown Heights. For the last several years she has overseen, nurtured, and expanded the programming at the Levi Yitzchok Library in Crown Heights.  Rivky's weekly Mommy and Me classes and farbrengens were highly anticipated. 

 Rivky developed curriculum and was a team leader at Chabad of the Upper West Side preschool for 8 years.  She is renowned for her kindness, warmth, and positivity. 

Rivky partners with her husband Rabbi Yoni Katz in offering the popular “Hanging with Hasidim” zoom walking tours of Crown Heights.

Morah Rivky focuses on helping children establish a foundational relationship with Hashem through Torah and Mitzvos. A calm and focused atmosphere is the hallmark of Morah Rivky's classroom. 

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Having been born and bred in Crown Heights, Malky Itkin's warmth for Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit drives her passion for teaching and sharing Chassidus with others.


When teaching in Bais Rivkah high school, Malky was responsible for extra curricular programming. We are gratified that she is bringing her expertise and experience to Cheder Chabad Middle School.




Mrs. Chayempour was raised on Shlichus in London, England. She received a CYPW Degree in Education, taught and directed preschools & Kindergarten classes across Europe, Canada and the US.  

Mrs Chayempour is renowned for her hands on, lively and meaningful lessons. Her dedication to each student ensures they are cared for and thrive in Ahavas Hashem, Ahavas HaTorah and Ahavas Yisroel

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Early Childhood Morah

Rivkah Procaccia's nurturing, compassion, and warmth permeates her classroom environment. Originally from Brazil, Rivkah spent several years in Israel before moving to the United States.
Rivkah has years of experience working with children of all ages. Toddlers and teenagers benefit from her stellar interpersonal skills and emphasis on emotional health. Students in Rivkah's class learn emotional self regulation while feeling cared for and supported.


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Morah Tzipy was raised on Shlichus in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As she grew older she began teaching and working with children of all ages. 

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Girls Sports Coach

Miriam is a ranked tennis player who coaches tennis and fitness. Her passion for sports began at a young age while living in Tiberias, Israel. Miriam generates positive energy and enjoys seeing children grow and excel.


Together with her husband she founded the “M & M Tennis Academy” a few years ago which now services over 150 children.