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Rabbi Aharon Matusof

Dean, Boys Principal

Throughout his ten-year career in education administration, Rabbi Matusof has blended a spirit of warm collegiality with a firm emphasis on high educational achievement. At Cheder Chabad, he continues to cultivate an exciting and Chassidishe environment for students, teachers, and parents. A lifelong learner himself, Rabbi Matusof’s formal training includes studies at the Menachem Education Foundation, JNTP (Jewish New Teacher Project), Torah U’mesorah, JETS Israel, Harvard University, and Baltimore County Community College.


Rabbi Shmuel Reinetz


As a veteran Mechanech, Rabbi Reinetz is known for his skill in identifying the inner strengths of the students and helping them blossom and shine.


His approach of infusing a Chassidish and warm atmosphere into regular classroom activities has positively affected his students over the past 20 years. 

Rabbi Reinetz completed several Kriah and teacher training courses from Torah Umesorah. He received his Smicha at United Lubavitcher Yeshiva and 770.


Rabbi Elazar Gedj




Rebbi Dovid Leb Myhill




Rabbi Zalmen Itkin


Over the years Rabbi Itkin has successfully taught and directed numerous programs including the most recent one, Machaneh Tzeirei Chassidim overnight camp in Georgia.


Rabbi Itkin has a positive disposition and is creatively gifted. His lessons and programs are consistently filled with new and intriguing methods, illustrating the subject at hand in an exciting and relatable way.

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Rabbi Avrohom Chayempour


Rabbi Chayempour graduated from Tomchei Temimim Brunoy and received his Smicha at United Lubavitch Yeshiva and 770. He was a member of the Chevra Kadisha and has directed special needs and youth programming.

Rabbi Chayempour has taught for several years and is known for his energetic, creative and visual lessons. He is dedicated to each student and ensures they are cared for and shine with their unique talents


Mrs. Sarah Aidel Grifkin


Sarah Aidel holds a Master's Degree in special education and has worked as a head-start and
Special Education Teacher for 10 years.
Her inaugural experience as a camp counselor drew her into the magical world of Early
Childhood Education. At 22 she pursued a career as a preschool teacher, finding a home at
Beis Rivka in Crown Heights for seven years of exceptional teaching, learning, and growing as
an educator.


 Mrs. Nechama Lapidus

Gan Director

Nechama Lapidus has held a passion for Chinuch from a young age. Growing up with parents
who devoted their lives to education, she was nurtured with the vision and tools for reaching and
teaching children of all ages. “They taught me that Chiunuch is about the individual and how
crucial it is to see each student as a whole person”.

Nechama’s teaching career extends over sixteen years, beginning right out of seminary where
she worked with special needs children. She went on to earn her Bachelor's in Education with a
Master's in Special Ed, and brought her skills, drive and experience into her teaching positions
across the United States.

In addition to her teaching role, Nechama mentors fellow educators. She creates curriculums
and runs workshops teaching others how to implement these tools into their own classrooms


Mrs. Chaya Matusof

Girls Principal

Mrs. Matusof has more then a decade of experience in Chinuch. As a beloved teacher, Mechaneches and principal she uses her strong leadership qualities to build warm relationships with teachers, students, and families. Mrs Matusof has developed several curricula for Elementary, middle and high school. She has continued her studies with administrative courses from JNTP (Jewish New Teacher Project), JETS Israel, Harvard University and Baltimore County Community College.

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Mrs. Sara Krinsky

Morah & Curriculum Coordinator 

For more than ten years Mrs. Krinsky has taught and directed in schools across the country including Arizona, New York, Florida and The Online School.


Sara earned a Masters in EC, Elementary and S.E.

Chinuch is her passion and it is her greatest pride to give her students a love for Hashem and learning Torah.

Mrs. Krinsky moved to Palm Beach Gardens with her family in the summer of 2014 where she currently serves as the Director of Education at the Chabad of Palm Beach Gardens. 


Mrs. Rivky Katz


Mrs. Rivky Katz was born in Miami and raised in Crown Heights. For the last several years she has overseen, nurtured, and expanded the programming at the Levi Yitzchok Library in Crown Heights.  Rivky's weekly Mommy and Me classes and farbrengens were highly anticipated. 

 Rivky developed curriculum and was a team leader at Chabad of the Upper West Side preschool for 8 years.  She is renowned for her kindness, warmth, and positivity. 

Rivky partners with her husband Rabbi Yoni Katz in offering the popular “Hanging with Hasidim” zoom walking tours of Crown Heights.

Morah Rivky focuses on helping children establish a foundational relationship with Hashem through Torah and Mitzvos. A calm and focused atmosphere is the hallmark of Morah Rivky's classroom. 


Mrs. Malky Itkin


Malky Itkin has been involved in education for over a decade. Years of directing camps and
conventions became the foundation on which she built her teaching career. On her time at
Cheder Chabad, Malky notes that it is the intimate atmosphere and small setting that creates a
warm and positive experience for students and staff.

Malky has a passion for creating organized programming as a means of establishing effective
learning. She focuses on maintaining an intentional classroom environment and sets goals for
her students to ensure that the learning experience is positive, fun, and growth-oriented.


Mrs. Reena Greenspan


Rina Greenspan has held teaching positions in Boro Park, Eretz Yisroel, Los Angeles, and New
Jersey. Across the tenure of her career, she has taught preschool as well as grades 5- 8 at

RPRY Yeshiva. She has enriched the lives of hundreds of students along the way, empowering
them to learn and grow, each at their pace.
After decades of experience in the classroom, Rina went back to school to study Special
Education for Children on The Autism Spectrum. Today, she brings a wealth of knowledge,
along with vitality and warmth into her classroom.


Mrs. Raizel Brand


Raizy is passionate about bridging the skill gap in understanding Lashon Hakodesh amongst
her students. Her goal is to help them comprehend and internalize the words they recite and
learn from their Siddur and Tanach. “I love seeing a student's face light up at that moment when
she grasps a concept on her own”.

Raizy is an all-round creative and recently began running mini clubs to bring art and creativity to
young girls in the community.


Mrs. Chana Hinda Rivkin




Mrs. Chana Nesenoff



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Mrs. Chayale Chayempour


Mrs. Chayempour was raised on Shlichus in London, England. She received a CYPW Degree in Education, taught and directed preschool & Kindergarten classes across Europe, Canada and the US.  

Mrs Chayempour is renowned for her hands on, lively and meaningful lessons. Her dedication to each student ensures they are cared for and thrive in Ahavas Hashem, Ahavas HaTorah and Ahavas Yisroel

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Mrs. Rivka Procaccia


Rivka Procaccia began her career as a preschool teacher at Cheder Chabad Florida and has
strengthened her devotion and expertise with each passing year. Rivka has focused on
cultivating a classroom that supports the growth of her students. She celebrates Cheder
Chabad as a school that encourages all its members to thrive.

Rivka Grew up in Brazil and caught the travel bug young. Her backpacking adventures around
the world primed her for working and connecting with all kinds of people, young and old alike.


Mrs. Chayale Werner




Mrs. Lucy Yehezkeli




 Mrs. Estie Benamou




Mrs. Manya Wasserman




Mrs. Shanna Lerner




Mrs. Erika Raichbach



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Ms. Shari Danials


For more than ten years....

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 Ms. Maureen Moffit




Mrs. Michelle Frankel



 Goldie Mindik


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